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After a pitch meeting with the CEO of 300 Entertainment Kevin Liles failed to translate into any further developments the first serious thought for IDea Records was born. Founded in September of 2015 IDea Records was originally created as a vehicle for Amiir Hasan to release his own music as well as a home for any artist who believed in the label's acronym (Independence Defines Every Artist). 

Today the label is much more producer and songwriter focused. Assisting artists with song structure and the fundamentals of crafting a project is now at the core along with the proper release strategy and build up required for a successful launch.

IDea Promotions is a company built around the belief that the live performance medium is largely untapped for independent artists. While the repetition of  consistently performing in bars and open mics is very much a necessity for every artist there is also a turning point. Beyond budgetary restrictions we see a market for artist who are ready to travel beyond the constraints of the "chitlin circuit" and move towards shows with longer set times, higher quality production, and thorough organization. IDea Promotions is also the brand behind "Mask Off Radio" our in-house radio program which has its own dedicated page on the site.


Undoubtedly Show Discipline Magazine will draw comparisons to previous fixtures in our culture such as XXL or The Source but make no mistake, this is it's own monster. 

With cover stories focused on the hottest independent artists and articles on topics like what songs best fit each zodiac sign this platform has much to offer. Founded by Jay Math the magazine is steadily ammassing subscribers, and sponsors visit now at show.substack.com to learn more.