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Based in Atlanta Ga Mask Off Radio is the premier station for independent artist nationwide. Our hosts Jay Math and Jasmine " The Streetz" leave no stone unturned when it comes to tackling controversial topics and spearheading interviews. Our in house deejay and music director Samball will throw in his two cents from time to time when he's not busy spinning records.

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Every week we choose 5 new songs to place on our chart. We listen and vote on every submission as a group so be sure to send  your hottest track!

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"Fourth generation angry black man"

Jay Math is a music journalist,  and promoter from Trenton New Jersey.

 He moved to Atlanta in 2016 for fresh start at life and a new career path. Once an aspiring artist he saw potential for himself beyond the microphone but still within the industry that raised him.

He is the Host of The Worldpeace Podcast, the owner and lead editor of Show Discipline Magazine and is also one of the hosts and curators of Mask Off Radio.