Concerts & Tours

Atlanta has a vast and wondrous live event market.

We have made our stake in the culture here by orchestrating headline shows, concert series, and promo tours for local-regional acts.

The heart and soul of our live event production sector is "Tell a Friend ATL". The acts we select to perform at this series are just a few steps away from supporting or headlining a national tour which is why every other month we crown one artist as a headliner to coincide with their next or most recent release. This show simply seethes culture and breeds superstars. 

A one-time event curated by us and the folks over at Kreativ Ktrl and America Sushi Recording. Unplugged Sessions was a free intimate experience built to showcase the stripped down talents of Simone Telease, Junogloc, Destiny Briona, and Tiien. This collaboration was held at the original American Sushi Recording in Little Five Points Atlanta.

Blu Magik is a showcase focused on live R&B, Neo-soul, and Poetry. The setting is much more relaxed at this show as it is not only FREE to enter but fans have the option to sit down, order a drink or even some delicious caribbean cuisine from our partners the Blu Lagoon in Buckhead. Fortunately we have had acts such as Libby Baeeloo, Selema, S.I.M, Papadook, Chaii Summers, and many more!

Initially built to be a monthly concert series (until COVID-19 hit). Monday Madness was a one-time event which took place at Pal's Lounge and eventually became the skeleton for "Tell A Friend ATL". We were fortunate enough to book several talented individuals for this concert such as Inez Gee, K'shon, Xori Amar, Billionaire Beezo, J Loren, B$Greene and Flo Malcolm.